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Within the last month spring has suddenly appeared on us, with warmer days, the need for sunglasses, and later nights the need to develop the summer body has begun. With town being so close to my student house the only exercise I was doing was popping to town to pick up my weekly shopping. 

After my recent discovery of the famous 'Blogilates' page, my motivation for exercise has been rediscovered and the need to buy fitness clothes over a new pair of shoes has come into play. I have jotted down a few steps to get you motivated for this new season..

1) FOOD SHOP- When ordering my previous food shop I found myself picking up an extensive range of new foods that I've never even heard of before! From quiona (not sure how to pronounce it!), to almond butter and rye bread. Changing simple basics such as peanut butter to almond butter can change your lazy student lifestyle into a more motivated fit one! Despite the price, these products tend to last longer, give you more energy and make you feel more happy about yourself. Also avocado's only a £1!

2) START SIMPLE: Starting with a 5k run will never do any good, you will be out of breath, exhausted and de motivated to do any more exercise! This month I decided it was a good idea to start with something that keeps me motivated and encourages me to keep going. This month I'm following an excellent website called 'Blogilates' and their 'Blogilates beginners 2.0'. Its so fun, with a guide of which videos to follow each day and on sunday you even get a rest day which I love! And a lovely recipe to create, today i'm making the 2 ingredient pancakes so will post a photo later!

3) CLOTHES: I found stocking up on all the essential for exercise made me more motivated in the mornings! Getting changed straight into gym gear gets you in the mood for exercise and when your done makes you feel great for the rest of the day! H&M now do an great selection of new gym gear, for which I have definitely invested in!

4) SET GOALS: starting out small works the best for me however like everything in life setting yourself personal goals is the best way of achieving the impossible! Even if you just make yourself a to do list on your phone, I find this is the perfect way of acting as a reminder to oush myself!

My personal goals include
5K run by April

10K by June

Tough Mudder 2016
Half Marathon Late 2016

What are your personal goals? 

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