The rise of social media

Social media, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat.... everyone has it, everyone uses it. But what good is it doing for our brains?

I got Facebook at the age of 15 and spend hours of my child hood strolling through peoples images of days out to the shops, holidays and fantasising about other peoples lives. I remember clearly obsessing over other people prom outfits, their new hairstyle and who their new boyfriend was. What I should have been doing is actually getting my head down and trying to get better degrees. A prime example of how you should actually listen to your parents.

8 years later, and it's got even worse. Gone is Facebook (well almost!), hello is Instagram, Instastories, Snapchat filters and more. I see teenagers walking the high street looking as though they had just graduated as a MUA, after I guess, watching hours upon hours of endless make up tutorials. But what is this doing to our brains? Are expectations of appearances higher?

Moreover, is the rise of the fitness fanatics. In the past, going to the gym was a daily occurrence just to feel healthy and fit. Nowadays, we scroll through Instagram, stalk fitness celebrities and strive to look much like them. Little do we know they are starving themselves just to post that sponsored post, sleep deprived due to the energy from their workouts and running low on money as they've just bought a haul of workout clothes.

What is your opinion on social media? Are we being brainwashed my society? 

Let me know 

J x


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