Travel Bucket List

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Seeing as I'm currently saving to go travelling I thought I'd share with you my bucket list and what I wish to do on my travels! After reading through other bucket lists this really inspired to make my own to ensure I get them done so here it is! I wish to do a few of the general ones but also include some unique adventures.

Bungee Jumping
The generic bucket list experience a bungee jump, as scary as this seems I feel it definitely need to be done for all those adrenaline junkies.

Full Moon Party
On the famous 'Koh Phangan' island the full moon party is an all night beach party with travelers all round the world. I think this is definitely something I want to do an a great opportunity to meet loads of new people!

Hot Tub cinemaLocated in London I think this would be an amazing adventure to have a party and be in a cinema at the same time!

Sydney Harbour BridgeClimbing the Sydney Harbour bridge will be an amazing opportunity that I definitely wouldn't want to meet out on!

"Love Lock" bridge

What would be on your bucket list?

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