Summer Of Festivals Reporter Competition

by - 11:16

When the opportunity to apply for generator hostels dream summer job, I knew this was the perfect summer job for me! Being a keen blogger, photographer and festival goer, the opportunity to travel to European music festival seems like a dream come true!

Being a festival obsessed individual this role sounds perfect for my last summer before getting a full time job and leaving university! Fed up of interning in a bleak air conditioned offices in my previous summers has made me not look forward to a break from my studies fed up of making coffees and printing off spreadsheets.With friends posting Instagram's of their recent trips to the hottest festival around,the thought of not gaining money and skiving of work for the day is so inviting!

The best thing about festivals for me is the atmosphere and overwhelming sense of community you get when you enter the festival gates. The thought of meeting new people whilst listening to a range of artists from all over the country excites me that even staying in a tent cannot ruin the excitement. 

With marketing being my dream job I want to advertise the feeling of festivals to those who share the excitement as me, and get them in the festival mood this summer! After my recent marketing placement I have realized social media is a current trending route to target individuals who have a passion for festivals and follow artists every move!

This would be my dream summer job, and winning this opportunity will make my last summer amazing!

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